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Here you will find everything from links to our dedicated larger file transfer portal through NexusWetransfer to essentials like lab cards

Transfer Services and Files


Nexus WeTransfer Large File Tarnsfer Portal

Click here to send us large images or STL files

Lab Card Image.png

Lab Cards

We are happy to post out lab cards to you, but if you need one in a hurry then just click here

Royal Mail Freepost Labels

For anyone that finds it more convenient to post work to us we provide a pre-filled address Royal Mail Freepost label here

DPD Service.png


All our work in surgery and lab is too precious to lose. So we turn to DPD to allow complete case transit tracking. 


We return all cases tracked and provide pre-printed drop off labels and bags which can be left at any of these Premium DPDDepositSites 


For your shipping bags and labels call us on 01423 561392 or click image to email us for immediate attention.

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