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Why Professionals Choose To Partner With Us At Nexus Dental Laboratory

Cutting Edge Technology

Enhanced Communication Tools

From the very beginning Nexus has always pioneered with cutting edge technology aimed and making the restorative process more predictable through enhanced visual communication and the superior consistency by utilizing the reproducibility digital workflows and tools offer the dental team, and we continue to pursue that with our facial scanning technology you see here from DoF. Want to play for yourself? Use the link here to jump over to the Exocad Webview we use to share and discuss designs with our surgical team Webview

Industry Leading Technical Team

Only the Best

Does our team receive the best training from leading technicians around the globe? Yes.

Have our team now harnessed and perfected those skills to themselves become trainers that travel over Europe to share this skills and knowledge? Yes.

In fact, we get around quite a bit, so maybe we will be at a course you are attending or even running one you may be interested in? Our course dates Calendar is here 

Why does this matter to you?

Simply put it shows that despite all the latest technology and materials we use we still know the main value to your team is the expertise and support our highly skilled team bring to every case to ensure we deliver the best restorations to your patients possible. It also allows us to focus on the goal of no wasted surgery chair time.

All the new tools and materials come to life when in the hands of a truly skilled expert. We can all paint, but some of us create works that can hang in National Galleries. These new tools are pretty much the same. In the right hands, you get excellence and predictability, in the unskilled hands, you get mediocre and unpredictable results.

So with the team at Nexus your surgery team and the patients we all serve are in good hands.

In fact, we get around quite a bit, so maybe we will be at a course you are attending or even running one you may be interested in

Get in Touch

Standardized Quality Managment System

Outstanding Quality, Usability and Traceability

We looked at the experience of working with a laboratory from all aspects and embraced a new workflow and system to allow our surgeons to access their accounts directly through a portal to manage their own cases and call up any financial information at any time.


Along with the direct access benefits to the surgery, this system also allows us unparalleled overview and traceability of all cases ongoing or previously produced by the team


From creating your own cases and uploading any images to the case through to ordering a printed guide and uploading your own design for us to directly print for you. Our systems have it covered so we can all spend less time on administration and chasing up information, and more time planning and collaborating to ensure each case gets the best outcome.


Once registered you can access our portal anytime by clicking on the link below



We believe in making things as simple and predictable as possible.

Because of that philosophy, we created In1. Regardless of the type of implant restoration, you pay one all-inclusive price. We do not bill additional items to you through your implant company.

As an advocate of digital workflow for many years we also make sure that you do not pay extra for intraoral scans.

We do not charge for printed models or digital analogues on IOS cases everything is included with the restoration at no additional cost.

The price you see is the price you pay which makes it simple to quote and plan the costs for your restorative cases.

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